top universities for organization design programs

Top Universities With Organization Design Programs

Organization design is a progressive methodology which investigates flawed aspects of workflow logistics and reorganizes them to fit current business realities and goals, then establishes plans to implement the new changes. Organization design is a growing field, and many graduate level organization design programs exist in the United States at top ranking universities. As a result these top universities with organization design programs make it possible for professionals to gain an understanding of the field without having to have gained experience in the field first.

Careers paths for those graduating from top universities with organization design programs vary, but typically include consulting roles or business analyst type positions. The average starting salary for an Organizational Development Consultant with mid-career experience, for example, is around $90,000 annually.

Job opportunities for those with a background in organization development and design exist within large corporations and smaller consulting firms. An organization design firm, such as ON THE MARK, specializes in partnering with business leaders of companies to modernize operating models.

1. Pepperdine University in Malibu, California

Pepperdine University was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most entrepreneurial universities for 2015. Pepperdine offers a plethora of organization design programs through its Graziadio School of Business and Management including a Master of Science in Organization Development (MS). A Master of Science in Organization Development (MS) is available, with campus locations in California, China, France, and Costa Rica. 

2. University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia

The University of Georgia offers an M.Ed. in Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development. Previously, the school tied for third in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report rankings for online master’s programs in education. The institution’s M.Ed. in Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development offers a innovative curriculum for professionals in organization development field. In addition, the program is offered fully online.

3. American University in Washington, D.C.

American University offers a Masters of Science in Organization Development (MSOD). The MSOD program is built on a stringent academic curriculum fortified by experiential learning. The benefits of obtaining an MSOD from American University are teaching from prestigious leaders in the Field of OD Education, Unique Curriculum, and a powerful alumni network. 

4. Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois

Benedictine University offers Management and Organizational Behavior (M.S.) with a concentration of Organization Development. The Management and Organizational Behavior (M.S.) offers a traditional, accelerated or online format for learning. The program aims to foster collaborative faculty and student relationships in order to achieve a common goal: learning to create and sustain excellence in management.

5. Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Saint Joseph’s University offers an Organization Development and Leadership M.S. The Organization Development and Leadership M.S. program is designed around experiential learning. Class sizes are small and offer high-quality experiences with engaging and challenging involvements. You’ll be immersed in the elegant, interactive and energetic learning community. The program covers topics on leadership, organizational change, adult education and training, organizational psychology, organization development, and personal self-development.

Organization design itself is constantly evolving as leadership and organizational theories change. However, the field is here to stay as a way to help organizations transform and successfully grow.

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