Dorm Life

Starting college can be a very scary thing, it is a whole new world going from high school to college. The professors handle things differently than you’re used to, the classes are harder, picking a major, and you are living with new people. It’s a really hard transition for a lot of people? So Let’s talk about dorm life, living in a dorm can be a bit overwhelming at first. You are in a new and unfamiliar place starting a new life adventure, for some this is their first time away from home. Here are some tips on how to have a great experience living in a dorm:

First, think of these new people you are living with as potential friends and study partners! Get to know those around you! You meet some of your lifelong friends in college! These people will be up late studying for the same tests you will be and can be great resources for when you are stuck on a problem or just need help in a specific subject. Get to know your dorm mates and use them as a resource!

Second, most colleges have communal bathrooms and even if you are great at time management there will be times when you are running late or the bathrooms are all full. A great tip is to use your desk in your room to get ready in the morning. You will save some time and you won’t have to fight the crowd to get to a mirror! Bathroom shower caddies are a great way to carry all your necessities from your room to the bathroom, saves time and its a great way to store all your stuff together!

Another tip on dorm life, there will always be people that you don’t get along with. But, you will have to live with them for an extended period of time.

Make sure to learn to make compromises with people, we don’t always get what we want and it is always better to meet in the middle on an issue. But, if you’re having a problem with your roommate and it just doesn’t seem to be working out or you are having the same issues, again and again, try setting up a roommate contract. Set up some ground rules for the space that you are sharing! Cleanliness is always something to keep in mind while living with other people, it can be the number one reason for disagreements. So try to be mindful about your things! Having a good environment to live and work in is a key to success!

Apply to college can be scary and overwhelming but it doesn’t always have to be! Just remember that everyone is either going through the same thing you are or has been there before! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek out help! You never know you could meet a great friend who is going through the same thing you are and years from now when it is all over you will have some great memories together!

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