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    • Bedford School
    • Brillantmont, Switzerland
    • Bromsgrove School
    • CATS Canterbury
    • CATS Cambridge
    • Charterhouse
    • Collegio San Carlo, Milan
    • Felsted School
    • King Edwards
    • International School, Munich
    • International American School, Ankara
    • International School, Brussels
    • International American School, Vienna
    • International School, Dubai
    • Le Rosey, Switzerland
    • Liceo Berchet, Milan
      • Liceo Copernico, Bologna
      • Liceo Manzoni, Milan
      • Liceo Volta, Milan
      • Lycee Francais, Vienna
      • Malvern College
      • Repton, Dubai
      • Rugby
      • Sacred Heart, Vienna
      • St Gilgen International School
      • Schottengymnasium, Vienna
      • Sevenoaks School
      • Sir James Henderson, Milan
      • Taunton School
      • Warminster
      • Worksop College

      Many of our students write to thank us for our help. Around 85% receive offers from their first choice of university, and we have yet to have a student who received no offers at all. Our work is far removed from companies which offer a tick box process, or are commission driven, as every student has different requirements. We feel our success is endorsed by our students’ academic life at university. Here you can see some of our apply2uni students and see the wide range of courses and level of universities which have been chosen. If you would like to speak to one of our students, please contact us.


      Elsa received offers from Queen Mary London to study Geography with Business Management London and SOAS (School of African and Oriental Studies) to study Geography with Development Studies.

      Elsa originally applied for Tourism, but following higher results than she expected in her German Abitur, she changed her subject choice and re-applied through UCAS during her gap year. As a result, Elsa is happy with her offers from higher level universities.


      Tudor received offers from King’s College London, Manchester University and UCL to study History and Politics.

      A highly-gifted student from Romania, Tudor impressed us with his deep understanding of current political issues, and his thirst for knowledge outside of school syllabus. Having studied both the Romanian high school diploma and the German Abitur, he is used to working in a demanding academic environment. It was lovely to welcome him and his mother to our London office.


      Laura is joining St Andrew’s University in Scotland to study a Master’s in Marketing.

      Laura graduated with a degree in Business Science from Bayreuth University, Germany, and after several internships she developed a strong interest in PR and Marketing. In addition to St Andrew’s, she received offers from Cass Business School and Glasgow University.


      Carolyn is taking BA Management with Marketing at the University of Leeds.

      Carolyn says, ‘After completing my A levels, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in business, with particular emphasis on marketing, communications and event management. I received five offers, and I chose Leeds not only due to its excellent reputation, but also because it’s a big, new and exciting city. Leeds has definitely lived up to my expectations, and with so many opportunities around every corner, there is never a dull moment! Alongside my studies I am also currently working as a student ambassador for the university.’


      Chiara is studying BSc Economics and Finance at Exeter University.

      Chiara was clear from the start that she wanted to study Economics and Finance in the UK. She obtained offers from some excellent universities, and finally chose Exeter University, where she is extremely happy. ‘I didn’t know Exeter before, but is a beautiful campus with fabulous facilities.’


      Petras is currently studying BSc International Business Management at Royal Holloway.

      Petras is very happy with his new life and studies at Royal Holloway. ‘I am extremely satisfied with my university’, he says.  ‘I feel fully integrated and I can see a significant academic improvement compared to studying in Lithuania.’


      Florian received two unconditional offers from King’s College London and UCL to study PPE.

      An exceptional German student, Florian was determined to apply for Politics, Philosophy and Economics, in spite of its competitiveness. Happy with offers from such high-ranking universities, Florian chose to take a gap year, during which time he has become more fluent in French after following a course in Aix de Provence.


      Maria is currently taking a BEng Engineering and Management.

      Maria Vittoria was determined to study Engineering and Management. As her high school results were lower than expected, she decided to take a Foundation Year with an Engineering pathway, which gave her progression to fulfilling her dream at City University.


      Daphne is currently studying BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at King’s College London.

      Daphne graduated with top marks from Theodor-Fliedner-Gymnasium in Dusseldorf, Germany, and is currently in her first year of PPE at KCL.  She enjoys the intellectual challenge of the deep analytical thinking and the precision of arguments that are required across the three subjects. In addition to KCL, she received offers from Durham and the University of Warwick.  Daphne is actively engaged in several academic societies at KCL, including the Philosophy Think Tank. She wants to become a lawyer, and sees her future impact on society in developing law proactively to meet the future demands of our continuously evolving societies.


      Clara chose UCL where she is taking a BEng Engineering and Management.

      Being an exceptional student from Vienna, Clara could have chosen several different careers without difficulty. Eventually, and after much consideration, she applied for a Bachelor’s in Engineering and Management, which matches her skills exactly. She now has the opportunity to extend her degree to a Masters at UCL if she wishes to do so.


      Alessandro is currently studying BSc Anthropology at University College London, specializing in Transcultural Psychiatry.

      Alessandro graduated with top marks from Liceo Classico, Berchet in Milan, and has recently been awarded as the highest achieving student of the department at UCL. Alessandro’s current interests are broadly based in Medical Anthropology, Genetics and Psychiatry. He is an active participant in the University Union, focusing on students’ welfare. Last summer he developed a research plan with Mind, a UK mental health charity, around the implementation of nature-based therapy among psychiatric patients. Alessandro’s encounter with the Far East has brought him to learn Mandarin and to follow a language course at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. This summer he will work in a Japanese psychiatric clinic analysing the traumatic impact of the nuclear disaster of Fukushima. Alessandro is building his experience in order to work as a policy developer in situations of extreme psychological distress such as conflict and disaster.


      Anna is currently studying BSc Psychology and Management at Oxford Brookes.

      Anna applied to university as she wished to change her career direction following the successful completion of a Banking Diploma in Germany. With a view to working in HR, we advised on the combination of subjects, Psychology and Management. Anna visited all of the universities which had made offers, and Oxford Brookes was her first choice.


      Antonia is currently taking her MA Marketing at IE Madrid.

      Following her work at Porsche in Stuttgart, Antonia was keen to develop her career in management, and in particular to specialize in Integrated Marketing Communications. She received offers from Lancaster, Westminster, Surrey, Brunel and finally IE Madrid. She is enjoying her life in Madrid and says that IE was probably the best choice for her Master’s Degree.


      Christoph graduated from Edinburgh University with a Master’s in International Business and Emerging Markets.

      Christoph is now working for Capco – The Capital Markets Company. After projects in Frankfurt and London, he is currently working together with his project team for an international bank in Vienna. He took a second masters, an LL.M degree in International Finance and Economic Law at Birkbeck, and gained a distinction, and he hopes to apply for a PhD or DBA/LLD later this year.


      Costanza is currently studying Law at Durham University.

      Having a strong civic-mindedness together with a deep interest in human rights and ethics, Costanza chose law not only to increase her knowledge of these issues, but also because it offers a wide range of working opportunities. Durham came up as her first choice because of its big name, its beautiful site and its involving and international environment. In the near future she is planning to apply to an insight programme or vacancy at a law firm to gain further legal knowledge and experience. Being at the very beginning of her academic life, she has not completely made up her mind yet on what she wants to be in the future but thanks to the international point of view of her course she dreams of working in an international body such as the European Union. She said ‘I love Durham and I love the people here’.


      Francesco is currently studying Sports Management at Manchester Met University.

      Francesco had his heart set on applying for sports management after he had taken work experience in Milan and having been featured on a sports programme on Sky. He worked extremely hard at improving his English to gain the entry requirement in IELTS, and was fully supported by his family who visited every university during the Open Days and Applicants Days. He is now very happy in Manchester and hopes to work later in the area of sports management in Italy or overseas.


      Emanuele is currently studying MSc Physics at Imperial College London.

      Working with Emanuele was a real joy. We had to keep one step ahead of him all the time!  He graduated with 100% cum laude from the Liceo Copernicus in Bologna, and has taken up a well-deserved place on a four year Master’s degree at Imperial College London. He has a deep love of physics, or as he puts it ‘a mighty passion’.  We are very glad to be keeping in touch with Emanuele, his family and his work.


      Gabriel is currently studying MSc Chemical Physics at Bristol University.

      Gabriel attended the Lycee Jeanne d’Albret in St Germain de Laye.  He was determined to pursue his passion for Chemical Physics, the area where the two physical sciences overlap. We advised him on a programme of extra-curricular reading tailored to his chosen course, and prepared him for interview.  He is delighted to have gained access to such a prestigious university department.  He loves Bristol, and the opportunities for research built into the MSc course.  In his spare time he plays tennis to a high standard.


      Haroldas is currently studying BSc Biological Sciences at Swansea University.

      Harold is our first Lithuanian student to receive offers in the UK. He has a real love for marine biology and a deep interest in ichthyology. For those of us who don’t know, this is an interest in predatory fish. We discussed at length how a fish develops its weapon, whether it is through poisonous substance from its body, a barb, or teeth. He had never heard of Swansea before applying, and was most impressed by the campus and their hi-tech lab facilities.


      Ioana is currently studying BSc Management at City University.

      Ioana is interested in saving the environment, and has been involved in various environmental projects, including her project ‘Green for Bicycles’, which was designed to encourage cycling in her home town of Timisoara in Romania. Her final goal is to return to Romania to help establish its place as an economic force within Europe.


      Julia is currently studying BSc Management with Marketing at Exeter University.

      Having already gained work experience in the marketing area in Vienna, Julia is broadening her knowledge by being part of the subcommittee as event manager in one of the biggest fundraising societies on campus. In the future she is planning to be part of the Spring Programme at Unilever in the marketing department, which will give her a helpful insight into business. After university she plans to take her Master in the marketing, advertising or event management area. In the remote future she is interested in setting up her own business.


      Livia is currently studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York.

      After graduating from the Lycee Francais in Vienna, Livia decided on a career in politics as for her it is an issue which affects all of us every day of our life, and she wanted to be able to understand what was “behind” the wars as well as the many problems which politicians and society have to face today. Livia has kept in touch and commented that ‘York’ is absolutely the right choice for me.


      Luigi is currently studying Maritime and Business Management at Southampton Solent.

      Coming from Christopher Columbus’ home town of Genoa in Italy, it was hardly surprising that the ‘Sea’ is in Luigi’s blood. He is extremely happy at Solent and hopes to take a one year placement in maritime management as part of his course. Luigi already had relevant work experience working in a ship broker’s company in the States and on ferries in Italy, which helped him to choose his career. He says ‘Solent University was well presented to me and really well organized. The buildings have everything you need and the accommodation where I live is comfortable and welcoming ‘.


      Magaye is currently taking the MiM (Masters in International Management) at LSE.

      After graduating from Regent London in Business Administration, Magaye received offers from all of his Master’s applications – LSE, UCL, King’s College and St Andrew’s. He is planning a career in global business once he has completed his MiM.


      Maxime is currently studying BSc International Management at Durham University.

      Maxime graduated from high school in Paris with the French Baccalaureate before taking a gap year in Australia, where he worked on a sheep ranch and at a diving school. Over the year he perfected his English, and has even adopted a slight Australian accent! Maxime received some excellent offers, and decided that Durham offered exactly the right environment for his future academic career.


      Natasha MA Art and Education, Goldsmiths London

      Natasha completed her MA for Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices at Goldsmiths University in London. She is now teaching art and early education at Steven’s Cooperative School not far from where she resides in New York City. She has worked at Christie’s auction house, and the Luhring Augustine Gallery in New York City, and was an assistant sculptor to Somers Randolph in Santa Fe, where she refined and marketed the artist’s large-scale marble works.


      Niklas is currently studying Engineering at Yale University.

      Niklas graduated from high school in Germany with top grades, and then spent a year in Japan learning Japanese and living with a family to experience their way of life. An exceptional young man, he was awarded a scholarship worth $47,000 per year. He was a joy to work with, and afterwards stated that ‘it wasn’t just bare factual things that I enjoyed with you, I received emotional support as well. This is an experience … that will support me in many areas of my life that go far beyond a mere university application. So regardless of the outcome, I have already received the best reward from the application process that cannot be taken away!’


      Ogun is currently studying Aeronautical Engineering at Georgia Tech in the USA.

      Ogun studied IB at the International School in Ankara.  His enthusiasm for aircraft design is all encompassing. ‘Aerospace is my great passion: I simply want to design new and more efficient aircraft, and I want to find my own answer for designers’ questions to be the A390, the most efficient maxi-jumbo, when I develop her and see her maiden flight.’  He finally chose Georgia Tech in preference to Imperial College London, which is our loss here in the UK,  and the US’s gain.