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Help applying to UK and US as international student

The focus is on you

your first steps to university

Personal and impartial advice helping you to university

We will guide you through the courses on offer, and help you understand which universities would be most appropriate in relation to your academic ability and career aspirations. Many families believe that university ranking is important, but feeling secure and confident in university life is of equal importance. Ultimately it is vital that you receive offers, and that these are realistic, and meet your long term aims. apply2university provides expert guidance from subject specialists who know the universities well.

Applications to universities in the UK are completed through a centralised system called UCAS. Apply2university is registered as a UCAS centre which enables us to monitor the status of offers for our students. Applications to universities in the US are more complicated, and frequently require students to apply individually to their chosen ‘schools’. We support students throughout the application process, including how to apply for accommodation or financial loans to cover tuition costs. We also have a partnership with an immigration lawyer who can advise students who need visas.

How can we help?

Through a series of consultations
we will advise you on:

  • your choice of university
  • entry requirements
  • SAT
  • location, accommodation and fees
  • application procedure
  • deadlines
  • writing the Personal Statement
  • information on supplementary entry tests
  • references
  • interview skills and training
  • Open Days
  • the final selection

'My son, Lucas, has been accepted to study Economics at IE University Spain, one of the top Business Schools in Europe. We are really delighted that he has this opportunity of a life time. We are truly grateful to Mrs Banning for her advice and support throughout the application process. Nothing was too much trouble. She was always available to address our concerns, and gave every personal attention to our requests.'

Dr Torsten Angermann

Lukas Angermann
BBA, Business Administration, IE Spain