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Our sister company, Oxbridge Applications have been the world leader in Oxford and Cambridge consultancy since 1999. Their research-led and personal approach produces a success rate of 52% on their long-term services, compared to the international students’ normal average of 11%.

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Am I right for Oxford or Cambridge?

Entry to the world’s top ranking universities is not right for everyone. Taking a degree at Oxford or Cambridge requires a combination of maturity and high levels of motivation in order to cope with the intensity of the course and environment. Many students who come to us have already been advised that they could apply to one of the top universities in the world. Then they realise that the application procedure is more complex and the competition is higher than they had anticipated. On rare occasions we find a student has not realised they have the right  profile  to  apply,  and  it  gives  us great joy to think that this student would have missed such a life changing opportunity if they had not spoken to us.

We can quote statistics regarding how many students apply, how many are shortlisted for interview, and how many are successfully offered a place. The universities display these on their websites, categorised by course as well as by College. But if you have a chance of success, and you are ‘right’ for Oxbridge, do not be deterred. Be honest with yourself. We promise we will be honest with you.

How do we help?

Oxbridge Applications’ aim is to support your application throughout the journey from initial counselling to final interview at university. We adopt the same procedures as outlined on our Undergraduate page, but with the added requirements for Oxford and Cambridge, which demand a deeper and more detailed approach.

Our detailed service includes:

  • University choice and course selection: Oxford or Cambridge. You can’t apply to both.
  • College selection: finding a college to suit you and your interests.
  • Schedule of deadlines: beware of earlier deadlines!
  • Advice on specific admissions tests: certain courses require specialised entry tests.
  • Preparation for Open Days: how to benefit most from the visits.
  • Personal statement: we can’t write it for you but we can guide you.
  • Mock interviews: mentoring and interview preparation with our Oxbridge-graduate experts.

Just like Apply2university, Oxbridge Applications is built on personal contacts and a reputation that has grown through word of mouth in the education world. We are fortunate to be able to rely on the academic expertise of counsellors who we personally know, and who have graduated from Oxford and Cambridge themselves.

'Mrs Banning has offered exceptional support on Oxbridge applications. She is highly knowledgeable and professional, and really understands how to relate the Italian system to British Higher Education.'

Professor Maria Chiara Gallerani