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Careers advice


Love what you do

and do what you love

It is sometimes quite hard to decide on a career. On occasions students do not recognise their own strengths. By contrast, some students are excellent in all subjects with the result that there are too many options to choose from. Frequently students are just not aware of the choices that are on offer. We always say ‘Try to study something that you really love’.

How can we help?

We conduct a one-to-one interview to ascertain your strengths and interests. Your parents may wish to join the interview at the beginning and the end. We will give you feedback on possibilities there and then.

Following this consultation we will send you a report outlining:

  • suggestions on how to clarify your choice of career
  • proposals on a range of universities for your consideration
  • a realistic view on the offers that you may receive
  • suggestions on further training
  • what to do next

Aptitude Testing

If you require an objective assessment of your academic potential and suitability for certain careers we can provide a well proven aptitude test. The tests take one hour 45 minutes to administer, and can be taken on line in a wide range of languages. Designed by Cambridge Occupational Analysts (COA) it covers: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, 2D and 3D spatial reasoning, arithmetic calculation, working quickly and accurately, and spelling. We provide explanatory brochures on the results for parents, which are discussed during the follow-up consultation. Please ask us for details.

Case study

Selin was uncertain whether to study Architecture or Marketing. An excellent student with strong verbal reasoning and numeracy, she also demonstrated a high level of creativity in her portfolio.

Following her consultation, she eventually decided on combining all of these skills in a degree in Communications and Marketing. Selin is now studying at Lancaster University, her first choice.


‘I never thought I would get five offers through UCAS including Newcastle and Lancaster! It is so exciting! Thank you so much for all your help! I would never have managed this without you.’

Selin Yegin
BSc Hons, Marketing, Lancaster University

'If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.'