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What parents and our students say

Our success is based on our reputation: many of our parents and students are happy to talk to prospective families about their experience with apply2university. We also work alongside several trusted educational consultants overseas, who often say, ‘It is like you are working in our office – one of our team.’


‘I am unbelievably thankful for your whole assistance during my application process. My deepest gratitude belongs to your support.’
Luca P, who has received an offer to take an MLitt in International Business at St. Andrews.

‘Paolo made it !!! As you know he got 96/100 ; thank you very very much for all your support and help!   I hope to have a chance to see you again and thank you in person.’
Mrs Sandra Perilli, whose son is studying PPE at King’s College, London.

‘Working with you was simply wonderful, I enjoyed every single minute, and I thank you for your support.’
Emanuele Gentile, who is studying Physics at Imperial College London.

‘Jon Ander está totalmente integrado y feliz.  En fin, todo tuvo un principio, en el que tu colaboración y ayuda fue esencial, desde la que han venido todas estas buenas noticias. Por ello, yo, personalmente, te estaré siempre agradecido.’
Guillermo Ibarrondo Zamakoma, whose son is studying in the USA with a football scholarship.

‘Yes dear Marie-Louise, you are right, talking with Mrs. Pepe was very important for us even if our son is going to follow a completely different career. I could better understand from another Italian the importance of your support/knowledge, the importance of the proactive approach of the student and the importance of the parents’ suggestions/experiences in order to act all as a team to achieve the preferred result.’
Francesca Anna Riccio

‘Thank you so much very much for you wonderful support.  Great to know you are always with us.’
The Huebner family.

‘Si votre objectif est de décrocher une place dans une université britannique, il n y a qu’une réponse: Madame Banning de Apply 2 University. Notre famille a fait appel à elle à quatre reprise et nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir bénéficier de son aide avec 100% succès. Avec une écoute attentive et beaucoup d’énergie, Madame Banning a guidé nos enfants dans un projet ambitieux et réaliste a la fois. Elle a fait preuve de disponibilité et de professionnalisme, et nous a fait profiter de conseils personalisés nourris par sa connaissance approfondie des exigences des universités britanniques.’
Mme Brigitte Krenzer, France. Mme Krenzer’s son is now studying Fashion Promotion and Imaging at UCA, and her nephews are studying Chemical Physics at Bristol and Business Management at Durham.

‘We would like to thank you, Vicky, for your professional and full time support over the past months.  Your deep comprehension of Giacomo as a person and student played a fundamental role in helping him understand, focus, and then work to achieve his target.  I hope one day to meet you personally to thank you.’
Monica Radic, whose son is studying Engineering at Manchester.  

‘La nostra esperienza con Marie Louise Banning e Apply2University è stata estremamente positiva. Abbiamo ottenuto il 100% delle conditional offer: ossia le 5 università alle quali è stata mandata la nostra application hanno tutte accettato, a condizione del voto di esame richiesto per l’ingresso, insieme con il punteggio IELTS. Marie Louise è stata per noi un riferimento fondamentale non solo per il percorso burocratico ma anche e soprattutto per l’aspetto motivazionale e per il supporto continuo durante tutti questi mesi.’
Cristina Pepe e Remo Tebaldi

‘THANK YOU ! Mrs. Banning did a really good job! Starting with the first meeting, where she perfectly understood to screen my daughter’s (Pia) needs, via target-oriented preselection of adequate Universities, proceeding application and finally elimination of suddenly arising problems, Mrs. Banning accompanied Pia committing herself in an always positive and efficient way.’
Herr Dr Johannes Leon, Vienna

‘Vicky, thank you for your passionate and professional support.’
Michele Lancieri

‘Nach kurzer und erfolgreicher Orientierungsphase unseres Sohnes in Wien hat Frau Marie-Louise Banning binnen kurzer Zeit Verbindung zu einer Vielzahl von Universitäten in Großbritannien hergestellt. Die Auswahl war begleitet von vielen Gesprächen zwischen Frau Banning und unserem Sohn, um auf seine Neigungen und Fähigkeiten einzugehen. Frau Banning hat das gesamte Aufnahmeverfahren unseres Sohnes bei der University of East Anglia/Norwich begleitet und ist auch sehr hilfreich bei der Eingewöhnung unseres Sohnes in England. Ich kann die Dienste von Frau Banning sehr empfehlen.’
Carl Croy, St. Oswald, Österreich

‘I was delighted to meet Mrs Banning in Munich. She listened attentively to my concerns and provided an excellent solution for my son, Clemens.’
Count von Stauffenberg, Germany

‘Eine derartig professionell arbeitende Agentur, die nach einem intensiven, persönlichen Interview mit dem „Studienwilligen“ durch die Themen pflügt, die Relevanzen herausarbeitet und innerhalb kürzester Zeit (in unserem Fall 14 Tage) konkrete, konstruktive Vorschläge unterbreitet, ist eine sehr wertvolle Unterstützung, die mehr als Begleitung zum Ziel definiert werden muss, als eine einmalige Beratung. Die Zeitersparnis war beachtlich und ist mit der Fee sehr fair und Kundenfreundlich bezahlt. Vor dem Hintergrund, das nach positiver Studienplatzvergabe weiterhin laufende Fragen und auch Hilfestellungen geleistet wurden, kann ich behaupten, das man ohne diesen Service sich leicht in der Vielfalt der Universitäten verlieren kann. ‘
Dr Joachim Weinhold, Berlin, whose son is studying Genetics at UEA.