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SOS Children’s Villages


Apply2university actively supports SOS Children’s Villages, which is a charity offering support to children who would otherwise have no home, no parents and no future. Last year our funds went to support a day centre in Tijuana, Mexico, so that parents could work to support their families. This year we have been able to help a centre in Chipata, Zambia, which is now home to 13 SOS families and more than 100 children.

We would like to thank apply2university parents and students who help to make this possible.
Marie-Louise Banning, Director, apply2university

About SOS Children

Do you agree with us, that every child should belong to a family and grow up with love, respect and security?

Playtime at an SOS Children’s Village in Guinea-Bissau


For over 60 years, we have been working to achieve this around the world:

  • We prevent children from ending up alone by supporting families to stay together.
  • If a child can no longer live with their family, we provide long-term family care in an SOS Children’s Village.
  • We provide quality education and healthcare in these communities.

Orphaned and abandoned children given a loving home

Children in our care live in a unique community called an SOS Children’s Village. Here, they are cared for by a committed SOS mother and live with other children as an SOS family. We know each child by name, and support their individual needs until they are independent adults.


In 125 countries, we provide long-term care for almost 62,000 children in 547 SOS Children’s Villages. Or as one of our volunteers likes to say, “We tuck 62,000 children into bed each night!” Find out where we work.

Quality education and healthcare

Each child that lives in an SOS Children’s Village receives quality education and healthcare. When we build an SOS Nursery, an SOS School, or an SOS Medical Centre, we open the doors to the local community. Globally, over 130,000 children attend SOS Nurseries and Schools.